Eight years ago, as I was planning to sell my family home in Cambridge, MA and move to a smaller place near children and grandchildren, I went shopping for quality contemporary wooden furniture. What I found won’t surprise anyone who’s tackled this challenge. Most of what I could afford was poorly designed, manufactured overseas, and of low-quality materials. And most of the solid hardwood furniture I loved was beyond my means. So, with no experience and few tools, I began learning how to build my own.

Before long, I had fallen hook, line, and sinker in love with woodworking! Today I live surrounded by the furniture I dreamed of owning, much of it built with my own two hands. It’s a joyous experience!

The most powerful treasures are of the heart.

My aim in founding Kitizo is to share that joy with you, by enabling you to build quality furniture that will last a lifetime, for every part of your home, using our Kitizo Furniture Kits. No need to find a woodshop, lay out a fortune on tools, or run to the lumberyard.

Kitizo Furniture Founder, Katina Leodas

With our kits, you get everything you need to build it in your garage, or even at your kitchen table!

We start with simple, elegant designs, inspired by the Scandinavian and mid-century American furniture of my youth. The furniture is engineered for straightforward construction, so that you can build it successfully, relying on our written, photographic and video instruction. Our quality wooden components are manufactured in central Massachusetts, of sustainably harvested North American ash or attractive and economical Baltic Birch Plywood.

We supply all but the most ubiquitous tools and materials – all you need is a common hammer and screwdriver.

“Now We Are Three,” our first collection, is for toddlers. It’s just the beginning! Kits for building grown-up furniture for the rest of your home are coming soon.

Kitizo Furniture Kits: build one today.